Monday, October 25, 2010

SUMMER SPRING RUNWAY 2010: Alexander Mcqueen

As everybody know, our blog name is 'SUMMERGRAPEVINES' right? 
So thats why we want to show you a few pictures of the Summer Spring Fashion Runway 2010 :) 
Are you interested in these fashion stuff? If you are, you must have heard a designer called Alexander Mcqueen right ? To those who dont know his design, today we're gonna show you all his fabulous unique yet very details design. For us, WE LOVE HIS DESIGN because it looks so fresh and bold. 
Are you ready to see it ? There you go :

Stop looking at the hair. We know its very weird but look at the dress and the shoes.
"WE ADORE IT SO MUCH!" Its not too Gaga though. Oh theres more ;

Okay, thats all what we're going to show you from SUMMER SPRING RUNWAY COLLECTION by Alexander Mcqueen. Did you get the inspiration from all his design ? 
WE DO! Oh yeah, now its time for us to go Shopping. 
Chiao babes! Enjoy the day :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

4 ways to wear : Flower clip

Before this, we had taught you how to make your flower headband by yourself right ?
Today, im gonna show you how to wear a flower clip in 4 ways. Interested ? 
First thing first, you have to make a flower clip by taking a safety pin and pin it with a flower or you can also take a hair clip and glue it with the flower. Besides wearing it on your head like this : 

You can also wear in these ways :

COOL RIGHT ? With one flower clip, you can wear it in 4 different ways. 
                                TRY IT OKAY! 



This is a section where the followers show their wardrobe about their sense of fashion. Our dearly friend decided to reveal her style. Lets check it out :

Did you enjoy watching all these? WHAT'S YOUR STYLE BABE? Are you interested to reveal and show your wardrobe to us ? And do you have all the styles we need ? Why dont you give us a few shots (min:4) of your style and send it to ! If you have good sense of fashion , we'll absolutely going to put it in our blog.  


Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello everybody ! Have you ever seen celebrities wearing flower headbands ? And dont you want to wear one too ?  Today im gonna teach you how to make a flower headband by yourself. Its very easy  peesy lemon squeezy ! TRUST ME! I bet all the materials that you need are already in your house (i think) . You dont have to waste a single penny to do this.


All the materials you need are :
  • A big or small fake flower
  • A stretchy strip
  • A small safety pin

First, pull out a group of petals as shown in the diagram above :)

After that, take the stretchy strip and pull it through the hole of the petals.

Last but not least, take the safety pin and pin up the two ends and you're done!
FUH! Very easy right ? Just a few steps and you already have one flower headband just like all the celebrities out there (: You can make one for your friends too or even make it as your friendship headband. Hope you enjoy wearing it and dont be lazy to make one okay ? You can also do like these other examples of flower headbands:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 JUMPSUITS! Thats the TREND OF THIS WEEK. Have you heard of that ? Or have you ever try to wear it outside ? We dare you to do that ! Nowadays, jumpsuits are always worn by celebrities.And often shown on the runway. Hmm, did you know that guys also wear jumpsuits ? They do not wear it to go out but they wear it as their working costume. Don't believe us ? This is how "they" wear it :

Now you realize that it's actually a jumpsuit, right ? Mechanics also wear something like this too. For girls, jumpsuits are very popular among celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum and yada yada yada. Girls can wear their jumpsuits for works but they can also wear it for shopping, red carpet or any other functions too  :)

SEE ? DONT THEY LOOK AWESOME IN THESE JUMPSUITS ? WE LOVE THEIR STYLE SO MUCH. Most of them wear it with a belt ! These are some examples of other types of jumpsuits on the RUNWAY:
  So thats all about the trend of this week. Thanks for reading it and we hope you like it as much as we LOVE it!


real girl style #1

Friday, October 15, 2010


We are excited!!!!!